When you order our boost/vip your server will sometimes get players with nickname Warrior Player. They are not bots, they are normal players who haven't yet changed their nicknames after installing our CS 1.6.
Warrior Player is a default nickname in our CS 1.6.

We ask you not to change their nicknames as many of the server owners judge a boosting service by the amount of default nickname players.
They are able to change their nicknames themselves when they decide to do so.

We also ask you not to kick/ban them mearly for the reason of them having our default nickname, they are our players and if you don't want them playing at your server, do not order any of our services all together.

If any of our players including Warrior Player named players voilate some of your server rules (like cheating, etc) feel free to ban/kick them, just don't use plugins like Pika and similar ones that use slowhacking.
That being said we are hoping for your understanding and thank you for using our services.